Hello Investors!

If you’re reading this now, you know how hard it’s been as the world looks forward to reopening economies and getting back to some semblance of normalcy. 

However, the threat of the continued spread of COVID-19 and other viral illnesses is still very real. People are desperate to get back to work so they can support their families and start to live their lives again. 

But in many places all over the country, employees on the front line of this crisis are afraid that going back to work will mean facing the risk of getting sick. 

Numerous workplaces are suffering under the pressure. These businesses have seen infighting break out among employees due to inability to effectively socially distance or a shortage of available PPE.

While everyone starts getting back to work, we know employers and employees alike are doing their best to keep each other safe and healthy in whatever ways they can.

As effective as hand washing, using hand sanitizer and social distancing are, there is now a more powerful and more effective method out there for controlling the spread and maintaining the health of those around us that works without chemicals or other health-hazards.

Announcing a NEW GROUND-BREAKING Skin-Safe UV Light Technology from the UV ONE Hygienics team led by the engineer whose electrosurgical unit design and solutions have become a global medical industry standard. 

With our new UVx technology, we can disinfect any surface including skin in less than two (2) seconds. 

No other UV Light Technology can make this claim!

UV ONE Hygienics, born out of the current crisis, has engineered the world’s first skin-safe UV light technology to provide a solution not just for this pandemic, but for any virus, bacteria or mycotoxin the world will face. 

We are offering a complete line of medical-grade, cost-effective decontamination solutions that makes use of our proprietary UVx Technology. 

These sanitation solutions are scientifically engineered to improve upon the effectiveness and safety of traditional UV sanitation solutions. The integration of UVx based technology is designed to provide efficacy and safety in eliminating pathogens that spread COVID-19 and similar threats to health and safety. 

Our products will also be fully customizable to the needs of businesses, commercial and public settings of any type or size.

We offer a complete line of skin-safe products based on UVx technology, including: 

  • UV ONE HVAC that works to sterilize pathogens being recycled through the air system
  • UV ONE MultiMax, which is a full-spectrum ceiling light solution that can safely operate 24/7 (unlike other similar products). 
  • And, our individual UV light wand for personal use by employees. The wand sits on each employee’s desk allowing them to disinfect their personal workspace as needed. Employees can detach the wand from its base and carry it with them as they move around their work environment, sanitizing things like door handles, printers, water coolers, etc. before they touch them. The wand provides another layer of protection to the employee and allows them to feel more in control of their safety while in the workplace. 

UV ONE Hygienics solutions work anywhere large groups of people gather. This includes all workplace environments, from offices to restaurants to retail spaces, sports arenas, medical facilities, schools, hotels, airports and more! 

All of our solutions are long-lasting and are completely touchless to use, and above all scientifically engineered to super-charge UV sanitation effectiveness. Our cutting-edge UVx Technology will give you the most complete, skin-safe sanitation solutions available, safely eradicating 99.99% of bacteria and achieving an 80% reduction in the rate of reinfection between individuals. 

So if UV ONE Hygienics has your attention...Then click here!

The time is now – take advantage of your opportunity to invest in the high-tech sanitation solution that aims to help our business reopen safely and for the rest of us to get back to living our lives with peace of mind. 

Until then,

Dora Suppes
UV ONE Hygienics