It’s no secret that the world is racing towards trying to discover new defenses against the recent pandemic, other pathogens and future virus outbreaks. The challenge we are facing is that in the scientific and medical world, discoveries and advancements take time, a lot of time. The world is demanding rapid development of technologies that can help defend and protect, while also demanding that those tools be well researched, tested and documented.

In reality, we already have a very powerful tool and UV light. The testing began over 130 years ago when Niels Ryberg Finsen began experimenting with treating disease with UV light.

One simply needs to do research on Finsen’s research to discover the many uses UV light has for medical and disinfection purposes including treatment of tuberculosis. In fact, in the 1930s UV ventilation systems were installed in schools and barracks in hopes of controlling the spread of tuberculosis and measles.

Perhaps it’s time for us to stop trying to find new tools and look to the ones we already have. While UV light is not a cure, it’s a very powerful tool for helping sanitizing environments. UV ONE Hygienics and our technology, UVx works with UV Light to provide protection for the workspace and public spaces.

UV ONE Hygienics technology is based on the century and a half worth of research, testing and development in the UV light field. It’s designed to provide a complete solution for any environment where people gather.